Three tech jobs that will grow in the following years

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Three tech jobs that will grow in the following years

Nowadays, technology has become an extremely important part of our lives and society. Owning a smart phone, using a PC or staying connected with our friends and family has never been easier than it is today. And while all these sound like a piece of cake for the ordinary user, you must know that it takes months of work and a great number of skilled people to make even the simplest application work flawlessly. But in order for technology to be present in our lives, we need professional people in the industry who can make this happen. Job hunting in the field of IT is quite intense and knowledgeable individuals have the best chances. So, in case you are still thinking about choosing a specialty that can help you get a stable position in a dedicated company, read on to find our suggestions. According to monetary rewards and the rapidity of their evolution, these positions are experts’ recommendations and seem to be in great demand in the following period.

Computer and network administrator

In big companies, where each employee uses their own device and these are interconnected through an internal network, the position of computer and network administrator is quite demanding. In spite of the fact that most enterprises are now focusing on cloud solutions and renting the necessary equipment, in the firm there has to be at least one person responsible with the proper functioning of the entire system. Apparently, computer administrator position openings are likely to increase with about 10 per cent in the next ten years.

Software engineer

When it comes to technology, everyone knows this complex industry is made of two components: the hardware and the software one. No device can work without an operating system or a dedicated piece of software. For this reason, software engineers are paid great salaries and are in demand absolutely everywhere. From high-tech multinationals to smaller organizations, these all need customized solutions and programs that only a professional engineer or developer can design. As a consequence, experts estimate that in the following ten years, the number of vacancies that has to be occupied by software engineers will increase with about 20 per cent.

Web developer

As compared with other IT jobs, being a web developer is not extremely rewarding, money wise. Needless to say, people who choose this career path are also likely to gain a lot, plus the specialty provides them another great benefit: it is in great demand. Any company that has an official web page and runs online campaigns needs to collaborate with a web developer. This person is in charge with creating all the digital materials used by the firm, making sure they are brand aligned and transmit the right message to potential clients. So, if you are creative and tech skilled, then start gathering as much knowledge as possible, because it seems that the number of such jobs is going to grow with about 30 per cent.